Political Headlines - July 11, 2013


  • Lawmakers say FBI thwarts inquiry: Members of a congressional committee Wednesday accused the FBI of stalling an inquiry into the Boston Marathon bombings, saying the bureau had no grounds for withholding what it knew about Tamerlan Tsarnaev prior to the attacks. Bryan Bender and Noah Bierman report from Washington.
  • Governor losing fight for big tax hike: As Governor Patrick faces the impending defeat of his latest tax hike to fund transportation programs, he finds himself with few options left to muscle through what was supposed to be a legacy-defining agenda of ambitious rail, road, and bridge projects. Michael Levenson and Jim O'Sullivan detail.
  • Cape state senator, treasurer to run for governor: State Senator Daniel A. Wolf, a Harwich Democrat and founder of Cape Air, and Treasurer Steven Grossman both announced their intentions to run for governor in 2014. Jim O'Sullivan and Michael Levenson with more.
  • Galvin subpoenas banks for details: Mass. Secretary of State William Galvin sent subpoenas Wednesday to 15 banks and investment brokerage firms to investigate business practices related to sales of higher-risk alternative investments to older customers. Business reporter Deirdre Fernandes details.
  • The PETA enthusiast: Columnist Alex Beam writes about how he believes there's a fearless zeal in using extremism to defend the furred and finny.