NHDP - 2012 Again?

New Hampshire Democrat:  

It didn't take long for Republicans to abandon their pledge to rebrand after a disastrous 2012 election.  New Hampshire Republicans are bringing back their standard bearer - Mitt Romney - and his infamous 47% comments for an exclusive fundraiser on Lake Winnipesaukee this summer.  

Will you chip in $12 stand up to Mitt Romney and New Hampshire Republicans and their return to the failed policies of the past?

Rather than etch-a-sketch away their more radical and extreme positions or find new candidates to run for office, New Hampshire Republicans are doubling down on the same chilling rhetoric and same failed candidates Granite State voters have rejected time and again.  

Whether it is Bill O'Brien, Jeb Bradley, Frank Guinta, or even Mitt Romney, the NHGOP's reruns are all the same when it comes to putting Tea Party special interests ahead of working middle class families.  They would end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher program that would cost senior citizens thousand of dollars in increased health care costs.  

But we can't stop them without your help:  Rush us $12 today to help stop the Republican Re-Runs.  

In New Hampshire, we have the seen the Mitt Romney, Jeb Bradley, Bill O'Brien, and Frank Guinta movies, and we know how they end - with the middle class getting left behind.  These Republican Re-Runs are so desperate to get back into power they will say anything and flip-flop on any issue to do so.  But we know where they really stand: From restricting a woman's right to choose, to record cuts to public education, to opposing equal rights for all New Hampshire citizens, they remain out of touch with New Hampshire voters and Granite State values.  

Thank you for your continued support,
Sen. Deb Reynolds
NHDP Finance Chair

P.S. - Will you give $12 monthly over the next 12 months and help us send a message to these Republican Re-Runs that Granite Staters already rejected their extremism in 2012?