Townhall Daily - July 11 - Ann Coulter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Brent Bozell, Victor Davis Hanson, Larry Elder and More


Ann Coulter:
This Year's Duke Lacrosse Case

Jackie Gingrich Cushman:
The Arena of Politics

Brent Bozell:
Reagan's Lieutenant Devine

Victor Davis Hanson:
Hate Thought

Larry Elder:
Did Zimmerman Profile Martin -- or the Other Way Around?

Jonah Goldberg:
Civil Libertarians' Hypocrisy


EXPOSED: Mainstream Medicine’s Deadliest Conspiracy?
Can you believe this video? It’s a phenomenon. In fact, it was sent to more than 289,000 people in just 24 hours! For the first time, mainstream medicine’s deadliest conspiracy has been EXPOSED. Finally, this video is the ‘shot heard around the world’ the establishment prayed would never come. There are powerful interests hell-bent on minimizing the damage it is doing to corporate medicine’s profit machine. Before it’s banned, watch it here.


Neal Boortz:
You Have to Buy Auto Insurance? Bolshoi!

Todd Starnes:
YMCA Kicks Out Pro-Life Students

Michael Reagan:
Pay Attention to Egypt

Cal Thomas:
NHS Lessons For Obamacare

Barney Brenner:
An Alternative to Obamacare

Mike Shedlock:
FOMC Minutes: Confused Yet?


Daniel J. Mitchell:
Yes, You Have Something to Fear, Even if You’re a Law-Abiding Person

Debra J. Saunders:
Smoke Gets in Your Smoke

Lee Crognale:
Runaway Federal Spending Threatens Economic, Military Strength

Will Coggin:
Putting Meat Myths to the Fire

Ralph Benko:
Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is the "Right Thing" and the Right Thing

Jerry Bowyer:
As Its Ratings Slide, The Confessions Of A Recovering CNBC Pundit

Charles Payne:
The Recovery That Roared

Steve Chapman:
On Concealed Guns, Politicians Miss the Point

Bob Beauprez:
Judicial Watch: DOJ Documents reveal Justice Department Organized Trevon Martin Protests

Emmett Tyrrell:
Edward Snowden's Just Rewards

Kyle Olson:
Citing ‘Hungry, Frustrated Children,’ Another District Drops Michelle Obama’s Lunch Menu

Lori Sanders:
Do House Republicans Really Want Reform?

Frank Donatelli:
Obama’s Ever-Increasing, Job-Killing Bureaucracy

Tom Purcell:
Lessons from the Photo Box

Jerry Newcombe:
Making the 21st a “Happier” Century

Crista Huff:
Stocks in the News: New York Times Shrinks

Marybeth Hicks:
Gay Friend Offers a Teachable Moment About Truth and Love

Bob Goldman:
Have a Weak Weekend