NHDP - Witch Hunt

During his failed tenure as Speaker, Bill O’Brien unsuccessfully tried to defund Planned Parenthood, restrict access to birth control, and make it harder for women to receive affordable healthcare. 
But just yesterday, we saw Bill O’Brien at his worst.
Radical social conservatives, under Bill O’Brien’s guidance, launched a petty and vicious witch hunt against a dedicated public servant just because she happened to work at Planned Parenthood at one point during her career.
New Hampshire Republicans couldn’t permanently defund Planned Parenthood, so now they are trying to root out people who once worked there.  This McCarthy style witch hunt has no place in our 'live free or die state.'
The simple truth is that New Hampshire Republicans and their far right allies are obsessed with blocking access to affordable and critical health services for New Hampshire women.  So much so that they are now singling out individual women who worked at with the state largest provider of women's preventive health services no matter how long ago.
This irresponsible attack is not only a reminder of the dangerous O'Brien-Bradley legislature's backwards 2012 agenda, but also a grave warning of what is to come if Republicans are able to retake control in 2014.  
We have to go all-in now to win and protect women's health in the Granite State.
Kathy Sullivan