Citizens For a Strong NH - Weekly Newsletter

A victory for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire 

Last week, White House officials announced a one-year delay in the implementation of a key provision of Obamacare; the controversial "Employer Mandate." This is the exact provision that our recent "What to Cut" television advertisement focused on regarding Senator Jeanne Shaheen's deciding vote to pass Obamacare.   

The Administration's decision to delay ObamaCare's employer mandate after our advertisement ran is a good sign that the White House and Senator Shaheen are getting the message that both businesses and families here in New Hampshire and across America can't afford the devastating effects this law will cause. 


Many New Hampshire residents are already feeling the pain from Senator Shaheen's vote for Obamacare. This mandate will force many small businesses to cut their employees' hours from 40 to 29, and create even harder times for many Granite State families.

While this is a great victory, be assured that Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire will continue to fight for a full repeal.

The American Spectator: Obamacare - Off the Rails 

Mark Meckler at the American Spectator wrote a piece on the Obama Administration's decision to delay the employer mandate - the centerpiece of Obamacare.


In it, he references Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's efforts on the issue:   

"Several weeks ago a local citizens' group, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, produced a high-quality commercial and did a significant ad spend attacking Shaheen for her deciding vote on Obamacare and the damage that it would do to New Hampshire citizens. No doubt other senators and the administration were taken aback by such a strong, early attack in a non-election year."   

You can read the full article here at
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Does Senator Shaheen still support the controversial Employer Mandate?  

Senator Shaheen has been interestingly quiet after theannouncement from the Obama Administration that they would delay the controversial 'Employer Mandate' in Obamacare for a year. Prior to that, in a video we caught of the Senator, she was still proud to stand by her vote and actually blamed small businesses rather than her bad vote for the negative implications it will have on Granite State families. That's wrong.
While the White House might appear to understand the concerns small businesses and their employees are having with Obamacare, the question remains - does Senator Shaheen get it? - or does she still want to blame our state's job creators and those they employ for the problems her vote has caused?

You can watch the video by clicking here. 

Volunteer of the week: Lisa Johnson 

Lisa Johnson of Concord is our Volunteer of the Week! Lisa has been dedicating much of her free time to Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire for the past several months. During her time with us, she has made hundreds of phone calls to Granite Staters to see where they stand on some of the most important issues facing our state. She has always been actively involved in her community and we couldn't be more thankful for her hard work and dedication. 



Help us keep up the fight! 

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