Political Headlines - July 16, 2013

  • Unrest in Middle East pushes gas cost higher: Even though oil imports are approaching 20-year lows, and the US is enjoying a boom in new fuel sources, gasoline prices are soaring again because of political troubles halfway around the world. Business correspondent Jay Fitzgerald reports.

  • State Democratic party chairman to step down: The chairman will take over leadership of the governor's PAC as Patrick moves into the final stage of his governorship: one in which he fends off lame-duck status, as 2016 national ticket speculation swirls. Jim O'Sullivan and Frank Phillips report from the State House.
  • Florida's unjust gun laws: Columnist Farah Stockman writes that Florida is one of the worst places to fire a gun into the air, even as it appears to be one of the best places to actually shoot at a person.