CEI Today: CEI sues EPA, Senate vote on Cordray, and immigration & public opinion



CEI Sues EPA For Gina McCarthy’s Text and Training Records

The Competitive Enterprise Institute filed suit today in federal court to force the Environmental Protection Agency to turn over phone bills for the EPA-issued PDA issued to Gina McCarthy, a top EPA official and President Obama’s nominee to serve as the next administrator. CEI’s suit also seeks records EPA has failed to turn over that would reflect whether McCarthy received and/or acknowledged the required training in EPA electronic record use and preservation policies. > Read more


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National Review: Cordray’s Record


It’s not about the man.” That’s what Senate Democrats will say about GOP opposition to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray when his confirmation vote comes up this week (as soon as today), setting the stage for Senate majority leader Harry Reid to pursue the “nuclear option” of ending the 60-vote cloture rule for debate on nominees.

But it is — or should be — largely about the man. In his 19-month tenure at CFPB, Cordray has established a pattern of mismanagement and abuse. Most frighteningly, under Cordray’s leadership, the CFPB is building an extensive database of tens of millions of Americans’ private financial transactions; it smacks of the National Security Agency scandal, but lacks the justification of fighting terrorism. Cordray also displayed a disturbingly cavalier attitude toward Americans’ privacy as attorney general of Ohio. Senators shouldn’t be afraid to question his fitness to serve. 
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Openmarket.org: Gallup: Record Opposition to Closed Borders

A record number of Americans favor allowing more foreigners to enter and live in the United States each year. Nearly a quarter of Americans (23 percent) favor “increased immigration,” according to the most recent Gallup poll. As importantly, nearly two-thirds (66 percent) oppose decreasing immigration, also a record. Last year saw the lowest support for decreasing immigration at any point since Gallup began asking the question.  > Read more

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The True Story of European Austerity; Cutting Taxes and Spending Leads to Renewed Growth

A new CEI OnPoint measures austerity and its effects from the time austerity officially began in each country, with very different results from reports that have been cited widely in the media. > Listen to the Liberty Week podcast

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Event: “Chattanooga, UAW & Free Markets”

“Chattanooga, UAW &
Free Markets”

CEI's Matt Patterson will speak at a public forum about the UAW and its drive to organize the local Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga. -> Thursday, July 18

EPA Failure on Deadlines

The EPA has routinely failed to comply with statutory deadlines established for three core Clean Air Act programs and, more often than not, now promulgates regulations almost six years after established deadlines, according to a new CEI study. > Read more


Stossel: Should Online Gambling Be Legalized?

University of Illinois professor John Kindt and CEI fellow Michelle Minton debate a ban on online gambling.

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