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There is a right way and a wrong way for the government to do something stupid. It won’t surprise anyone that the current administration in Washington has chosen the wrong – and almost certainly illegal – way while New Hampshire managed to do a whole host of silly things but in the right way.

Routinely, governments find that laws previously passed are quite inconvenient and get in the way of something they are trying to do (or not do) today. But they don’t want to repeal the law for the future, they just don’t want to follow it this year... Click here to keep reading.


Council Puts Brakes on High Paid Consultant

A Six-Figure Contract for Part Time Work

Attention job seekers: The New Hampshire Department of Education is hiring. It is so desperate for good help that it’s giving out six-figure contracts for part-time work.... Click here to keep reading


Business Friendly NH

Good State Budget Developments

Gov. Maggie Hassan was flanked by Republican and Democratic leaders as she signed into a law a much-needed update of New Hampshire’s Business Corporation Act... Click here to keep reading.


3.9 Million Transactions and Counting


The Josiah Bartlett Center's government transparency site is now updated with every last state transactions through the end of May 2013. Haven't used the site yet? Click here to start looking!