NHDP - Republican Candidates Continue Fleeing NHGOP 2014 Ballot

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement on Executive Councilor Chris Sununu's announcement today that he will not seek a higher office in 2014.  Sununu is the latest Granite State Republican to decline a run for higher office in the upcoming midterm election.

"New Hampshire Republicans are fleeing the NHGOP’s 2014 ticket because of the strength of Democrats up and down the ballot and also because the Republican agenda and platform is about as popular as a root canal right now.  From the massive backlash following Kelly Ayotte’s irresponsible background check vote to the endless epidemic of shameful and chilling commentary from Concord Republicans – the NHGOP is in shambles and voters recognize that they represent an extreme and radical Tea Party ideology.

"Republicans have no new ideas and no agenda to offer New Hampshire, so it’s no wonder even their former Presidential nominee Bob Dole thinks the GOP should be ‘closed for repairs.’  At this point the best case scenario for New Hampshire Republicans is a slate of failed Tea Party candidates who voters have already rejected."