HotAir Daily Express 07/19/2013


ObamaCare delay bills’ Democratic defectors staying oddly silent
7/19/2013 9:21:58 AM  Erika Johnsen
Wednesday night’s House votes on bills to codify into law the president’s decision to delay ObamaCare’s employer mandate for one year, and also to suspend the individual mandate for one year, took a turn for the awkward when 35 House

Not from the Onion – Bob Filner to host benefit for sexual assault victims
7/19/2013 8:41:33 AM  Jazz Shaw
Last week we introduced Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego, to those of you who might not have heard from him before. Bob finds himself in a bit of trouble these days, having been accused of “inappropriate” behavior toward women in numbers which

House GOP quietly bails on DOMA cases
7/19/2013 8:01:51 AM  Jazz Shaw
Here’s one you might have missed in the flurry of news yesterday. With the SCOTUS decision in the Windsor case, specifically striking down a key portion of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), you may have thought that the entire matter was put to

Quotes of the day
7/18/2013 10:41:15 PM  Allahpundit
White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that the “public opinion will take care of itself” on President Obama’s signature healthcare law, despite polling that shows the reform legislation remains deeply


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Charles Barkley: Zimmerman may have profiled, but I agree with the verdict
7/18/2013 10:01:19 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
I have very specific and enthusiastic feelings about Charles Barkley. Whether he’s agreeing with my politics, vehemently disagreeing with them, talking crazy, talking smack, or just hawking Right Guard, I’ve said it before and I’ll say

Bust: The numbers behind Detroit’s road to doom
7/18/2013 9:21:44 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
David Freddoso, proprietor of the great Conservative Intel and columnist for the Washington Examiner, went to town on the nation’s biggest-ever municipal bankruptcy today, laying out on Twitter exactly what got Detroit where it is, what misguided

Jake Tapper to Spitzer: You’re kind of a sleazy privileged hypocrite, don’t you think?
7/18/2013 8:41:58 PM  Allahpundit
I’m paraphrasing very loosely in the headline, but watch the clip. Tell me if it’s not a fair takeaway. And to think, Spitz is a CNN alum. Yowza. This isn’t the newsiest thing you’ll watch today but it’s probably the most

White House: What, repeal this expensive, dirty boondoggle of an ethanol mandate? Ridiculous!
7/18/2013 8:01:04 PM  Erika Johnsen
Oh, I’ll tell you what’s ridiculous: That the artificial incentives (hint: mandate) created by the Renewable Fuels Standard are messing with worldwide food prices, to the detriment of the poor; that both environmentalists groups and oil

Rasmussen: Just 21% think Zimmerman should be charged with a hate crime
7/18/2013 7:21:57 PM  Allahpundit
Unlike yesterday’s poll, I don’t have the crosstabs for this one. But if barely one-fifth of likely voters is backing Holder up, how much does it matter how the numbers break out? Most Americans don’t believe George Zimmerman was motivated by

You’re darned right I’m thinking of running for president, says … Peter King?
7/18/2013 6:41:14 PM  Allahpundit
Seems crazy at first blush, but when you think about it, it seems slightly less crazy. Then, when you think about it some more, it seems full-blown crazy again. A new burning question for 2016: Can Peter King top Thad McCotter’s vote haul from

Ouch: Detroit files for biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history
7/18/2013 6:11:56 PM  Erika Johnsen
It’s happened. The long and defiant march of progressive policies has finally succeeded in fully transforming Detroit from a mid-century bastion of middle-class prosperity to one of the biggest and brokest cities in America. After a review declared

Alternate juror in Zimmerman case: The prosecution presented “no details, no evidence” in closing
7/18/2013 5:21:20 PM  Allahpundit
Well worth your time if you can spare it, especially if you watched the CNN interview with juror B37. The contrast is striking in that B37 seemed convinced of Zimmerman’s basic decency but thought he bore some moral responsibility for the shooting

Senate reaches a deal on student loans, and there was much rejoicing
7/18/2013 4:41:12 PM  Erika Johnsen
Last summer, President Obama managed to make quite the niche campaign issue out of the scheduled rise of interest rates on new federal student loans from 3.4 to 6.8 percent as a part of his appeal for the youth vote, and Congress agreed to extend the

Cold war: Obama may cancel Moscow leg of overseas trip to protest asylum for Snowden
7/18/2013 4:01:14 PM  Allahpundit
I guess this is the best we can do anymore. Just to make this lame supposed snub a bit lamer, there’s no question that O will attend the G20 in St. Petersburg. He’s not snubbing Russia entirely, in other words, just a formal visit in the

Rep. Hoyer: These ObamaCare delay bills are the work of “purely partisan politics”
7/18/2013 3:21:12 PM  Erika Johnsen
Last night, the House voted to delay for one year the mandates in ObamaCare requiring employers to offer and individuals to have health insurance plans, or else pay the penalties. The White House and Democratic leadership were most displeased about the

The Ed Morrissey Show: Kerry Picket, Steven Crowder
7/18/2013 2:51:28 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), Kerry Picket brings us up to date on the goings-on inside the nation’s capital, and Steven Crowder returns to discuss his latest video efforts. The Ed Morrissey Show and its dynamic chatroom can be seen on

Rand Paul: I’ll do anything I can to help Mike Enzi defeat Liz Cheney
7/18/2013 2:41:28 PM  Allahpundit
I thought we’d have to wait for Cheney to win the primary before looking forward to her brawling with Paul. Nope. The battle is joined. Two words, my friends: Traffic goldmine. “I’ve told him I’ll do anything I can to help him,” the Kentucky GOP

Obama: Stop playing politics with the law we’re delaying past the election, or something
7/18/2013 2:01:34 PM  Ed Morrissey
As one Twitterer put it after the remarks, publicly supporting ObamaCare is only about “fairness,” while opposing it is just “politics,” according to President Obama.  At least that’s an improvement from earlier this week,

Premiums for New Yorkers to fall 50 percent thanks to ObamaCare!, says the NYT. …Really, though?
7/18/2013 1:21:28 PM  Erika Johnsen
News stories about rising premium prices for health insurance plans have been erupting all over the country for awhile now, especially on those plans meant for young, healthier, and lower-risk people shopping in the individual market; back in March, HHS

Muslim Brotherhood to EU: We’re ready to talk with interim gov’t
7/18/2013 12:41:25 PM  Ed Morrissey
Is this a blink, or just a PR ploy?  The Muslim Brotherhood asked the EU to structure a framework for talks with the interim government, although without backing down from its demand to restore Mohamed Morsi as President: The Muslim Brotherhood said on

Congressman: State, Defense forced Benghazi survivors to sign non-disclosure agreements
7/18/2013 12:01:30 PM  Ed Morrissey
Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) accused the State and Defense Departments of forcing survivors of the Benghazi attack to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to keep their stories under wraps.  The effort to impose silence on the survivors continued until very

War: Larry Elder versus Piers Morgan on the Zimmerman trial
7/18/2013 11:21:32 AM  Allahpundit
Actually, this isn’t about the trial so much as it’s about media orthodoxy regarding the trial’s supposed Larger Truths. And it’s not a war so much as it is Elder indicting Morgan — relentlessly — for his own small

Open thread, live video [fixed]: Can Issa connect the dots in IRS hearing today?
7/18/2013 10:41:55 AM  Ed Morrissey
According to Carl Cameron’s report of a conversation he had with Darrell Issa yesterday, today’s hearing in the House Oversight Committee will connect the dots in the IRS scandal all the way to the White House.  That’s hardly a great