OurAmericanInitiative - Fed Chairman: We are creating money.



I have a little exercise for you.  Take a minute and try to identify the parts of your daily life that the government is NOT tracking.  


To give you a couple of hints, your answer will be limited to only those things you do or say that don’t involve using your phone, the Internet, a credit card, your car, your bank account, your job or walking down the street.  And don’t forget, when President Obama’s health care “reform”  takes effect, your health information will be going to Washington, DC, also.


Doesn’t leave much, does it?


Just this week, Members of the U.S. House Committee who wrote the Patriot Act said in a hearing that they never intended that the government would use the authority under that law to collect EVERYONE’s phone and Internet records. They pretended to be shocked that a government agency would abuse the power they had given it.


Is anyone else in America shocked?  


And then, at another congressional hearing, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve “admitted” that the Fed was “creating” money and using it to buy assets. Bernanke Admits To Congress: We Are Printing Money, Just 'Not Literally' .


If not so serious, it would almost be funny that the Fed Chairman has to be grilled at a hearing to admit something so obvious.  Of course they are printing money. Or, if you want to be precise, “creating reserves” -- and then spending them to artificially pump up the economy and mask the fact that we are broke.


This madness must stop.  The liberties this nation was founded to preserve and protect are, quite literally, under attack.  And they are not under attack from foreign enemies; rather, they are being attacked -- successfully -- by our own government and the elected officials who are running it.  


As for the economy, our jobs and our financial security, it is just wrong that arguably the most powerful person in America is the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Even the President needs the collusion of Congress to create money out of thin air and then spend it.


I’m worried.  I’m very worried.  We all read about these outrages.  We hear politicians complain about them.  We can ALL see what’s going on.  Yet, nothing is HAPPENING to change it.


As I have said many times, it is up to you and me.  The politicians aren’t going to fix it.  They can complain for the TV cameras, but they LIKE the idea of controlling every aspect of our lives. Government is force, and they love to exert it.


The good news:  America is fed up.  Congress may be surprised to learn that the Patriot Act is being abused, but the rest of us are certainly not.  The Fed Chairman may want to play with words, but we know that our monetary policy is a house of cards.


But being fed up isn’t enough.  Americans who believe liberty can be restored and our finances put in order need a voice. They need to be mobilized for effective advocacy. They need support and encouragement to engage in the debates we MUST have in this country.  


With your help, the Our America Initiative will provide that voice, that mobilization and that advocacy.  We have identified tens of thousands of Americans who are ready to get to work. We have the communications tools in place to take the message of liberty and economic freedom to every corner of the country -- and make it heard in such a way that Washington cannot ignore us.  


Your contribution today at www.OurAmericaInitiative.com will help us put those activists and tools to work, and I think you agree with me that we can’t wait any longer.  


We face serious challenges, to be sure.  But I have never been one to back away from a challenge, and I know I can count on you as we work together to make our voices heard.


Thank you, as always, for your support -- and for your dedication to the REAL American values of liberty and freedom.




Gov. Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman


About Governor Gary Johnson: A two-term governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003, Gary Johnson has been a consistent advocate for limited, efficient government and personal liberty. As the Libertarian candidate for President in 2012, he received more votes than any Libertarian candidate in history. An outspoken pro-Constitution libertarian, Johnson opposes American involvement in foreign conflicts with no clear U.S. interest. He opposes the failed multi-billion dollar war on drugs and demands greater transparency at the Federal Reserve. Johnson advocates cutting federal spending dramatically to achieve a balanced budget and make government live within its means without raising taxes. He believes real job creation and economic opportunity can be best achieved through smaller government and less regulation. The National Review rated Johnson as "#1" in job creation as governor. An avid skier and bicyclist, he has reached the highest peaks on five of the seven continents, including Mount Everest and, recently, Aconcagua in Argentina.




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