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Affordable Care Act could shrink workforce by 900,000
Looking for work? Obamacare could shrink workforce by 900,000!

Before Watchdog, McAuliffe blamed federal officials for money trouble
Terry McAuliffe appealed to Janet Napolitano for special treatment to secure GreenTech's funding.

5 things to know about lawsuit against NSA
Who is suing the NSA? Quite a few people, it turns out.

‘Twinkie’ Farm Bill larded with subsidies
Of the 37 ingredients in Twinkies, taxpayers subsidize at least 17!

Public union membership plummets two years after WI Act 10
With collective bargaining gutted in 2011, unions in Wisconsin appear to be losing clout.

Five most absurd ways governments will promote Obamacare
Sunscreen, hipsters, and porta-potties, for starters...

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