Political Headlines - July 22, 2013

  • Boston mayoral race turns to public safety issues: Propelled by a recent spike in gun violence and a renewed national discussion about racial profiling and violence, public safety has emerged as a central theme in the Boston mayoral race. Wesley Lowery reports on the issues. 


  • N.H. Republicans blocking Medicaid expansion: With partisan bickering, delays, and confusion on the rise nationally over the impending launch of President Obama's health care law, tens of thousands of low-income people in New Hampshire are watching the calendar, caught up in their own anxious uncertainty. Tracy Jan details the Obamacare provision. 


  • Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin case: President Obama spoke in deeply personal and revealing terms about the nation's racial divides on Friday afternoon. Matt Viser details the resulting controversy from the Zimmerman trial. 


Surveillance state: Edward Snowden's exposure of sweeping intelligence gathering at home and abroad unleashed a frenzy of media coverage, revealing the lax oversight of intelligence gathering programs. John E. Sununu details the controversy.