CEI Today: Detroit first, where next? And, are markets rational?


Detroit's UAW aims to unionize Chattanooga’s Volkswagen factory


Were unions good for Detroit?



Matt Patterson of the Competitive Enterprise Institute warns about the downside of unionization in Chattanooga, where the United Auto Workers union is trying to organize the local Volkswagen plant.  > View the video

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> Interview Matt Patterson



Openmarket.org: Are Markets Rational When It Comes to Economic Fundamentals?

We hear frequently that financial markets thrive on irrational fears. That they are wrong to be wary of unreformed economies and that central banks are right to quell high sovereign borrowing rates with newly printed money.

This is an especially popular line of argument regarding the Euro Crisis, as European political leaders, EU officials, and academics tout it regularly.

Financial markets do care about economic fundamentals. It is natural for bond yields to decrease across-the-board when the ECB declares itself as the surefire backstop behind the euro’s integrity, but that does not mean that individual yields do not also reflect a market assessment of country risk. Despite what the anti-austerians purport, markets reward fiscal responsibility with lower borrowing costs. Governments ought to pursue that reward, with or without the help of the central bank.
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> Interview Matthew Melchiorre






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@CEIDOTORG'S Patterson: UAW needs Chattanooga, but does Chattanooga need UAW? #savechattanooga



July 18, 2013: NSA Gets Sued

In the wake of the NSA’s spying scandal, several groups are filing a lawsuit challenging the NSA. CEI's Ryan Radia shares many of the suit’s criticisms of the NSA, and adds a few.

EPA Failure on Deadlines

The EPA has routinely failed to comply with statutory deadlines established for three core Clean Air Act programs and, more often than not, now promulgates regulations almost six years after established deadlines, according to a new CEI study. > Read more