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Thomas Sowell:
Random Thoughts

Byron York:
Obamacare Battle Takes Bizarre Turn

Chuck Norris:
Walker, Indiana Ranger

Kurt Schlichter:
Conservatives Should Point and Laugh as Detroit Dies

Michael Barone:
A Woman in Full: Thatcher Gets Her Due in New Biography

John Ransom:
Obama Allies Behead Catholic Priest In Syria



David Limbaugh:
Obama Should Help America Heal

Mona Charen:
The New Brainwashing: Women Like Hookups

Cal Thomas:
The President's Take on Race

Dennis Prager:
Fire Created and Stoked by the Left

Pat Buchanan:
Leading >From Behind Al Sharpton

Dave Ramsey:
The Pension You Never Owned


Ransom Notes Radio:
Detroit is an Opportunity

Daniel J. Mitchell:
What’s the Bigger Threat to Workers, Unscrupulous Employers or Greedy Politicians?

Debra J. Saunders:
Forget Trayvon Martin; Barack Obama Could Have Been Clarence Aaron

Brett Bogus:
Unemployed, Underemployed, and Eventually Disgruntled

Tony Katz:
Barack Obama is a Coward on Race

Phyllis Schlafly:
Lies About Trade Agreements

Rich Galen:
Tears at the Open


Rebecca Hagelin:
Culture Challenge of the Week: Racial Tension

Steven Aden:
Illinois Supreme Court Rejects ACLU, Defends Life

Michael Brown:
The Most Selfish Thing in the World

Kyle Olson:
Emails Show That Indiana Governor Wanted Zinn Out of Classrooms

Charles Payne:
Round Three Earnings and the Rally

Bill Murchison:
Detroit and the Tale of Tomorrow

Dan Holler:
Obama’s Next Pivot: The Middle Class

Phil Kerpen:
Don't Fall for Health Care Hard Sell

Steve Deace:
When Insanity Becomes Reality

Marvin Olasky:
Occupied Territory

Bill Tatro:
Is There an Answer?

Crista Huff:
Stocks in the News: NYT Continues to Struggle

Daniel Pipes:
Islamism's Likely Doom

Tom Purcell:
Recess for Kids and Adults

RJ Lehmann:
What’s really going on with flood rates?