ALG's Daily Grind - Are we all destined to be Detroit?

July 23, 2013

Are we all destined to be Detroit?

Michigan Democrat and freshman Representative Dan Kildee thinks he has a better idea than bankruptcy — let Uncle Ben Bernanke, the bail bondsman to out of control governments take on Detroit's debt.

Cartoon: Hustler pool

Obama exploits the Zimmerman verdict.

Big trouble in not-so-little China

Krugman: "[T]he only question now is just how bad the crash will be."

Stewart: Citizens United the IRS Scandal's Smoking Gun?

"Unfortunately for Obama and the Democrats, the IRS targeting is exactly the kind of abuse Citizens United warned against: a politicized regulatory bureaucracy using selective enforcement and the threat of litigation to advance the partisan agenda of a corrupt, irresponsible, or overreaching administration."