Townhall Daily - July 26 - Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Mark Davis, John Ransom, Brent Bozell and More


Michelle Malkin:
A Failed Celebr-Ambassador Returns to Washington

Hugh Hewitt:
The Border Fence and Conservatives

Mark Davis:
When History is Not Helpful

John Ransom:
Disingenuous Transparency Versus Ingenious Opacity

Brent Bozell:
Nuns Thrown Under the Bus

Michael Barone:
Obama Economy Emphasis Is all Talk


How to collect real "hold-in-your-hand" silver from your local bank

A wild loophole could enable you to get real, "hold-in-your-hand" silver from practically any bank in the U.S… as part of a totally free transaction.

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Jonah Goldberg:

David Limbaugh:
Obama the Unembarrassable

Mona Charen:
What Happened to the Monica Standard?

Todd Starnes:
Franklin Graham: Why is Obama Silent as Iran Tortures American Pastor?

Pat Buchanan:
Black America's Real Problem Isn't White Racism

Pat Buchanan:
Weiner & Spitzer -- Now More Than Ever!


Mike Shedlock:
Durable Goods: Seen and Unseen (the Good, the Bad, the Ugly)

Ransom Notes Radio:
Obamacare is a Jobs Bill and Unicorns are Real

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Atlas Shrugs in Detroit

Night Watch:
China Claims Chumar as Chinese Property

Linda Chavez:
Rebuke to Steve King

Humberto Fontova:
UN Honors Warmonger, Bookburner, Mass-Murderer (Che Guevara)

Brett Bogus:
The Rising Interest Dropping The Market

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.:
Our Post-Racial President Claims to be Black

Paul Greenberg:
50 Ways to Beat the Heat

Paul Greenberg:
Their Revolution And Ours

Donald Lambro:
The Obama Economy's Lowered Expectations

Bob Beauprez:
Some Recovery: Two American's added to food stamps roll for every new job

Michael F. Cannon:
Democrats Are Abandoning Obamacare

Charles Payne:
A Glimmer of Hope

Kyle Olson:
Broke? Chicago School Budget Would Increase Spending By Nearly 10%!

Cliff May:
Wishing For An Iranian Moderate

Crista Huff:
Stocks in the News

Tad DeHaven:
Feds and the States Tag-Teaming on Corporate Welfare