HotAir Daily Express 07/26/2013


Sen. Burr: Block a continuing resolution without ObamaCare defunding? That’s the “dumbest idea I’ve ever heard”
7/26/2013 10:01:14 AM  Erika Johnsen
The movement to enter the inevitable budget battle this fall armed with ObamaCare’s funding as a political weapon is apparently gaining some traction on Capitol Hill; as Guy mentioned yesterday, the number of Republican Congresspeople adding their

Are you ready for the Obama donut?
7/26/2013 9:21:02 AM  Jazz Shaw
Some of my recent travels have taken me through the south, and as fate would have it I found myself crossing paths with the President at the launch of his nascent Save the Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour or whatever it’s called. This week

AP: The ObamaCare insurance exchanges? Not like Travelocity.
7/26/2013 8:41:36 AM  Erika Johnsen
I know it’s rough, but try to contain your shock, everyone: The Obama administration is woefully behind on yet another aspect of the Patient “Protection” and “Affordable” Care Act that they so strenuously assured us would be

Why doesn’t GM bailout Detroit?
7/26/2013 8:01:52 AM  Bruce McQuain
According to GM CEO Dan Akerson, “generous” American taxpayers who bailed out GM wouldn’t care if they lost a couple billion dollars. ”We are in the midst of transforming an iconic American company so 20 and 30 years from


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Quotes of the day
7/25/2013 10:41:23 PM  Allahpundit
While Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin say they’re trying to move their marriage past Weiner’s repeated sexting scandals, friends of Abedin’s told CNN that upon the former congressman’s confession to his wife last fall that he had

Chris Christie: GOP libertarianism on national security a “dangerous thought”
7/25/2013 10:01:20 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Oh yes, consider the hostile game of pong that shall be the 2016 GOP national security debate joined. Bounce. Over to you, Rand. ASPEN, Colo. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Thursday offered a clear broadside against Republicans drifting toward a

Chris Matthews thoughts: Do we have any evidence women sext, too?
7/25/2013 9:21:37 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Well, what else would we expect from MSNBC: The Place for Feminine Hygiene Jewelry than the most nuanced, astute commentary on gender politics? And, viewers know this segment will not disappoint from the first sentence: “You’re both women and

Chevron to eastern Europe: We might be able to help you with that fracking Russian-dependence problem
7/25/2013 8:41:14 PM  Erika Johnsen
Despite their misbegotten and expensive quest to forcibly restructure their energy sectors with subsidies and special treatment for what they’ve decided are so-called green energies (and they’ve got the higher electricity prices to prove it),

Good news: Luke Skywalker’s son in Star Wars VII might be … Ryan Gosling?
7/25/2013 8:01:04 PM  Allahpundit
I’m tempted to say that Disney should stick to tradition and cast no-names for the major roles. But that logic got us Hayden Christensen. Second look at A-listers? A little while ago I was told that two names have been thrown around a lot, and that

Weiner’s sext partner: He’s not who I thought he was
7/25/2013 7:21:16 PM  Allahpundit
Who did she think he was? Was she in a coma in the summer of 2011? As a matter of fact, per John Sexton, she was A-OK with Weiner’s compulsive sexting and lying back when it didn’t involve her: When Weiner was caught in almost exactly the

Harry Reid: Hillary Clinton may have a bigger fan than me, I just don’t know who it would be
7/25/2013 6:41:38 PM  Erika Johnsen
Add Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to the list of Democrats unequivocally throwing all of their complimentary predictions as well as predictable compliments behind the possible — or, depending on who you talk to, probable — candidacy of

Zimmerman juror: Let’s face it, he got away with murder
7/25/2013 6:01:23 PM  Allahpundit
Remember when juror B37 told Anderson Cooper that initially there were three votes for acquittal, two for manslaughter, and one for second-degree murder? Meet the juror who voted for murder. She wouldn’t/couldn’t convict ultimately but she

Which scandals does Obama think are “phony”?
7/25/2013 5:21:37 PM  Allahpundit
James Taranto, Noah Rothman, Ace, and, as you’ll see, Steve Hayes: Lots of righties are asking this question after O tossed it into his snooze of a speech. And it’s not just O. Remember, Carney sneered about pretend scandals yesterday too in

Look out, Wall Street, cause NYC’s ol’ pal Eliot Spitzer is back, or something
7/25/2013 4:41:11 PM  Erika Johnsen
I realize that pinning the entirety of the financial crisis on the greedy evildoers of Wall Street is a popular and populist progressive assertion (just remember: political big-government do-goodism and the artificial incentives it created had nothing to

Poll: Rubio drops from first to sixth nationally among Republicans after immigration push
7/25/2013 4:01:41 PM  Allahpundit
The good news for Rubio fans? He’s just six points back of the new leader, Rand Paul. That’s how open the field is. (And how silly polls two years out from a primary are.) The bad news? He was at 21-22 percent in PPP’s polls earlier

Chuck Todd: Nothing new in Obama’s déjà pivot
7/25/2013 3:21:56 PM  Ed Morrissey
NBC’s Chuck Todd didn’t expect to hear anything new from Barack Obama’s “déjà pivot,” and in that sense Obama certainly delivered.  Noting that the first three letters of news is N-E-W, Todd told the Morning Joe crew today

Video: Auburn cop fired for blowing the whistle on ticket, arrest quotas
7/25/2013 2:41:17 PM  Ed Morrissey
Do police officers write tickets because of quotas? Most law-enforcement agencies will deny that any exist, but the police department in the college town of Auburn, Alabama will find that difficult. One of their officers secretly recorded briefings in

Transparency: 50 years of omerta for Senate defenses of … tax breaks
7/25/2013 2:01:57 PM  Ed Morrissey
Earlier this month, I hailed a new approach to tax reform taken by Senators Max Baucus and Orrin Hatch.  Instead of having debates about what tax credits and deductions to eliminate, Baucus and Hatch proposed to start with zero and force their colleagues

The Ed Morrissey Show: Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson and the Week in Review
7/25/2013 1:46:25 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), we’ll take a look at the past week with Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson of the Hugh Hewitt Show. Duane and I will bring everyone up to speed on The Adventures of Carlos Danger, Obama’s

Reminder to young people: ObamaCare needs YOU!
7/25/2013 1:21:00 PM  Erika Johnsen
If you’re a young person who happens to be reading this and you somehow have yet to figure out that our esteemed president’s crowning legislative achievement relies directly on you volunteering to pay what in many cases will amount to at

Collapse: Weiner goes limp in new post-scandal poll
7/25/2013 12:46:29 PM  Allahpundit
Dare I say that his numbers have turned flaccid? Or would that be too hacky even for me? Trick question: Nothing’s too hacky for me, my friends. Alternate headline via Popehat: “Clearly flawed or hacked poll implies New Yorkers have

Holder vows to force Texas into pre-clearance despite Supreme Court ruling on VRA
7/25/2013 12:01:20 PM  Ed Morrissey
The Attorney General’s approach to the enforcement of law at least has the virtue of novelty.  Usually, the Department of Justice abides by Supreme Court rulings on matters of law, especially when it strikes down statutes that — at least in

Rubio: You bet I’ll be the lead sponsor of a Senate bill banning abortion after 20 weeks
7/25/2013 11:21:37 AM  Allahpundit
Time to seek absolution from the base for the recent immigration-related “unpleasantness.” All is forgiven? Some is forgiven? A tiny little bit is forgiven, maybe? “If someone else would like to do it instead of me, I’m more than happy to

Video: High-speed train derails in Spain, killing 78
7/25/2013 10:41:30 AM  Ed Morrissey
A derailment of a high-speed train in northern Spain killed at least 78 people earlier today and injured many more.  Police have the driver of the train detained while they continue to rescue people and investigate the crash, and they have surveillance