Josiah Bartlett Center - Rewarding the Boring, the CON Board, and NH June Unemployment Numbers

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The hardest thing for any government to do is to pay attention to the long term. The system creates incentives for politicians to focus on short term solutions and ignore long term outlooks. The inability to look beyond this morning’s political fight defines the dysfunctional entity that passes for a federal government but has also crept into our state politics as well... Click here to keep reading.


NH Unemployment Falls to 5.2%

Decline in Labor Force Continues

The unemployment rate in New Hampshire fell by one tenth of a percentage point in June to 5.2%, representing a decrease in the number of unemployed by 1400. The number of jobs created according to the Household Survey however was only 250, meaning the balance of the no longer unemployed (1,150) left the workforce... Click here to keep reading


The CON Board

The Beast the Won't Die

The state’s Certificate of Need board, an outdated government panel that oversees hospital construction spending, was slated to go away in 2015, but supporters of government rationing slipped a provision into the state budget deal that pushes the day of reckoning back to June 30, 2016... Click here to keep reading.


3.9 Million Transactions and Counting


The Josiah Bartlett Center's government transparency site is now updated with every last state transactions through the end of May 2013. Haven't used the site yet? Click here to start looking!