Townhall Daily - July 28 - John Ransom, Derek Hunter, Austin Hill, Doug Giles, Mike Shedlock and More


John Ransom:
NSA-IRS-M-O-U-S-E: Email Hate Mail

Derek Hunter:
Detroit: My City Was Gone

Austin Hill:
James Madison Saw This Abusive Government Thing Coming

Doug Giles:
An Open Letter to White, Black, Brown and Yellow Thugs

Mike Shedlock:
Fewer Full-Time Jobs: More Class Warfare A'Comin'

Debra J. Saunders:
What's Wrong With the News


When My Accountant Wants Tax-Free Income… This is What He Does
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Daniel J. Mitchell:
President Obama Threatens America: “We’re Not Done Yet”

Political Calculations:
Surprise: Federal Employees Make 50 Percent More than You (Benefits Not Included)

Bruce Bialosky:
The Cancer That College Has Become

Paul Jacob:
Get Well Soon, Mayor Filner

Steve Chapman:
Resisting the Surveillance State

Brian Birdnow:
Straight Talk, Forked Tongue or Hot Air? John McCain Rides Again


Bob Goldman:
How's Your Ritual?

Marita Noon:
The Dirty Politics of "Clean" Energy

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:
Should You Apply for Medicare Even Though You're Still Working?

Niger Innis:
The Environmental Lobby's Great Forest Con

Michael Youssef:
Had President Obama Asked Me To Write His Speech

Mark Baisley:
Health Privacy Brought to You by the IRS