ALG's Daily Grind - 'Alter or abolish it'

July 2, 2013

'Alter or abolish it'

If the government is not following the Constitution with the creation of super agencies possessing the powers to make laws, enforce them, and apply them, and elections alone will not rein in these dubious, extraconstitutional functions of government, what can be done?

White House Chief of Staff McDonough should be fired over IRS scandal

For more than four weeks after the White House became aware of political targeting, the IRS was still doing it.

Progressives don't believe in progress

Does a woman being elected president constitute evidence that women have achieved equality and progress?

Washington Post: Obama should appoint agency watchdogs now

"[L]eaving these positions vacant for such long periods sends a message of disrespect for a mission that should be central to any administration claiming an interest in good government and frugal budgets."