CEI Today: Obama anti-energy plan and national standards for school lunches


WMAL Mornings On the Mall

Is the Obama plan a sop to the greens for approving Keystone? Is the EPA destroying records and using private email accounts to evade the Freedom of Information Act? "They move government email over to Gmail very promiscuously."

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CEI, Independence Institute Announce Opposition to Obama’s FERC Pick

Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and the Colorado-based Independence Institute today announced their strong opposition to President Obama’s choice of Ron Binz to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

“Binz has a proven track record of working the administrative state to advance green energy policies on the back of ratepayers and the economy,” said CEI Senior Fellow
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CEI’s Battered Business Bureau: The Week in Regulation

This week’s economically significant rule sets national standards for school lunches and breakfasts. The rule does not include a cost estimate, claiming that “it is not possible to define a level of disease or cost reduction expected to result from implementation of the rule.” This is a basic failure of transparency. That the Food and Nutrition Service is unwilling to include cost-benefit analysis implies that even the agency believes that this rule’s effect on childhood obesity will be imperceptible. I have placed this rule’s costs at the bare minimum of $100 million needed for it to qualify for its economically significant status. Given the multi-billion dollar costs of other federal school lunch rules, this could be a severe underestimate.  > Read more

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This week various organizations all over the country will be participating in National Employee Freedom Week, which is designed to stress the importance of right-to-work laws and other issues which relate to workers’ right to privacy and choice.

The True Story of European Austerity; Cutting Taxes and Spending Leads to Renewed Growth

A new CEI OnPoint measures austerity and its effects from the time austerity officially began in each country, with very different results from reports that have been cited widely in the media.