CEI Today: Biofuels mandate, AFL-CIO merger?, and the UAW v Detroit


National Journal: Can Washington Find Agreement on Biofuels Mandate? The Battle Continues

Although various reform bills introduced this year would reduce the market distortions arising from the Renewable Fuel Standard, full repeal is the only objective consonant with the principles of a free society. The RFS literally compels one industry to sell other industries' products. It is a form of involuntary servitude. > Read more

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Openmarket.org: Is the AFL-CIO Biting off More than it Can Chew?

Organized labor has long been a major force within the broader progressive coalition at the Democratic Party’s left wing. Now the AFL-CIO is considering making the relationship a more formal one. As
The Wall Street Journal reports: The centerpiece of the strategy ... involves bringing large grass-roots groups, such as the NAACP, the Hispanic civil-rights group National Council of La Raza and the Sierra Club, under the federation’s umbrella and giving them decision-making power.

Joining together to work for specific goals — pressuring companies and backing candidates — has proven effective for unions, environmental groups, and other members of the broader left. But forming a permanent formal alliance is bound to prove much more difficult. > Read more

> Interview Ivan Osorio


Workplacechoice.org: Empire of Rust: How the UAW Killed Detroit


Can the UAW really be blamed for the sorry fate of Packard — and Detroit?

Yes, to a large extent. It’s not certain that Packard would have survived had the union not been such a financial and logistical burden. But there is no question that the UAW made it more, not less, difficult for Packard to weather the Sturm und Drang of the business cycle. 
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CEI’s Battered Business Bureau:
The Week in Regulation

The federal government has a strict policy against selling turtle eggs and small turtles for profit. In fact, if the FDA catches you with such turtles and you aren’t a researcher, federal regulations literally require you to kill the turtles while someone from the FDA watches you do it. Starting in January 2014, the FDA is thankfully lifting this particular death penalty.





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In Praise of Banking at Big-Box Stores

The provision in Dodd-Frank that imposed a three-year moratorium on banks affiliated with nonfinancial businesses expired this week. > Read more