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We (Stefan George, Felix Leupold, Carolyn Estrada, and Thomas Klingbeil) are a group of computer science students at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam and a mechanical engineering student at Stanford University in Palo Alto. We launched the nonprofit project The goal of BlockPrism is to encrypt messages in social networks. The NSA scandal has shown that there is a great demand for secure communication on the Internet. While the cryptographic technology to make this possible has existed for some time, encryption has not been widely adopted because it can be too complicated. We want to solve this problem by creating programming tools that allow seamless integration across social media, without the user having to go through any trouble to encrypt his or her messages. As a first prototype, we have programmed a Chrome browser plugin, which can be seen working in Facebook Chat here (video). In order to complete development and to make it available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), we have launched the indiegogo campaign. We hope this campaign reaches the widest possible audience in order to reach our goal and to enable encryption for everybody.

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