NRSC - Shaheen, Clinton, Weiner & the "War on Women"

Credibility Gap: Jeanne Shaheen, Anthony Weiner,
Bill Clinton & the "War on Women" 

Washington, D.C. - For over a year now, Democrats have repeatedly used and exploited the term, "War on Women," for their own political gain.  It’s a manufactured talking point based on disinformation, exploitation and fear - but one that Democrats acknowledge they'll use for political purposes in 2014.

However, now that Democrats across the country are caught in the midst of multiple scandals involving sexual harassment, assault, and predatory actions against women, their colleagues - including Jeanne Shaheen - have little to say.  In fact, just yesterday, the White House claimed that President Obama has no opinion about Anthony Weiner.  There's a reason for their silence: Bill Clinton. 

Bill Clinton will barnstorm across the country in 2014, no doubt working to help elect Jeanne Shaheen and other Democratic politicians as they use the manufactured "War on Women" to score political points. Remember: This is the same Bill Clinton whose own predatory behavior destroyed lives, hurt his wife, and embarrassed his colleagues (and our country). Yes, the same Bill Clinton who other Democratic Senators admittedly said they would not trust alone with their daughters.

Therein lies the 2014 problem for Democrats. How can politicians like Shaheen stand with Bill Clinton to raise money if she condemns Anthony Weiner? One married man inappropriately sending young women disgusting photos of himself vs. a married man whose repeated transgressions with women included taking advantage of a White House intern, which forever wrecked her career. A distinction without a difference, no?

"Democrats can’t have it both ways when it comes to the treatment of women and Jeanne Shaheen should have the courage to condemn any politician that assaults, harasses, or exploits young women," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "Anthony Weiner's behavior toward women really isn't much different than Bill Clinton's. Politicians like Jeanne Shaheen lose all credibility preaching about a so-called 'War on Women' while standing alongside Bill Clinton to raise money and boost their campaign war chests."