DNC - Sen. Corker Calls Out Fellow Republicans for Ridiculous Gov’t Shutdown Plan

Senator Bob Corker Calls out Republicans for "taking themselves out of the debate" by Threatening to Shutdown the Government


This morning, Senator Bob Corker called out his fellow Republicans for, "taking themselves out of the debate" by threatening to shutdown the government unless Obamacare is defunded. Corker joined an ever growing group of Republicans and conservative leaders criticizing this partisan stunt, calling it a “silly effort” and not “very courageous.” This is just the latest example of the extreme wing of the Republican Party resorting to obstructionist partisan ploys instead of engaging on the real issues important to the American people.


Watch: http://youtu.be/I2MMlDhPKkE




Chuck Todd: I want to move to the debate going on in your party and having to do with how the debt ceiling negotiation and sequester negotiations and whether funding of the President’s health care law should be used as a bargaining chip. What say you?

Senator Corker: I think it's a silly effort and what people are really saying who are behind that effort is we don't have the courage to roll up our sleeves and deal with real deficit reduction and spending decisions. We want to take ourselves out of the debate and act like we are being principled to the American people by saying if there is one dime of funding for Obamacare we are not going to vote for the CR. I don’t look at that as very courageous. Most of us see through it and realize these people are really just taking themselves out of the debate. We’ve got an opportunity to get our country right as it relates to fiscal issues. We have taken big steps and when people take themselves out of the game like this, I think people see through it and they understand what's really taking place.