Townhall Daily - July 31 - Michelle Malkin, John Stossel, Walter E. Williams, Brent Bozell, John Ransom and More


Michelle Malkin:
Vacationer Obama's Favorite Vineyard "Vulture"

John Stossel:
Are We Rome Yet?

Walter E. Williams:
Black Self-Sabotage

Brent Bozell:
Neglect at The New York Times

John Ransom:
Where Even a Kid Born in a Log Cabin in Kenya Can Get High and Be President

Jonah Goldberg:
Bending the Trayvon Martin Tragedy To Fit


The Constitution is worthless if We the People don???t do everything in our power to enforce it!
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Neal Boortz:
Wait—I’m Not Quite Through

Bob Barr:
Big Brother NSA is Watching You, But Maybe Not For Long

Mike Shedlock:
The Euro Remains Europe's Biggest Problem

Ransom Notes Radio:
Dodd-Frank is a Horrible Toddler

Terry Jeffrey:
Lee Leads; Boehner Cowers

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Beware the President’s Bait-and-Switch on Corporate Tax Reform


Night Watch:
Taliban Resurgence in Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan

Austin Bay:
The Manning Conviction

Brett Bogus:
The Grand Bargain, Round 2

Paul Greenberg:
The Forgotten War

Ralph Benko:
Right On The Money At The Cato Institute

Donald Lambro:
The Race Is On: Hillary's Running, Christie's Throwing Punches, And The Republican Field Is Growing

Rachel Marsden:
How To Scare People At Your Summer Cookout

Charles Payne:
The Great (Mental) Depression

Jerry Bowyer:
Your Helping Is Hurting

Jacob Sullum:
Close House Vote Reveals Wide Opposition to Indiscriminate Surveillance

Crystal Wright:
Who Cares What Jay Z Thinks and Why Don Lemon Is Right about Blacks in America

Ken Connor:
Reflections on Sin and Shame

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:
Cutting Your Credit Card Debt: How to Get Started