Gerard Direct - "MB Calls for Violent ‘Intafada’ Against Egyptian Government" and "Was Palestinian Jihadist Group Responsible for Arizona Wildfire?"

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Last week we published a guest commentary by Mordechai Kedar "The Muslim Brotherhood is Headed for a Blow-up". Dr. Kedar is a scholar of Arabic and Islam and GerardDirect frequently post his commentaries. In this case it was prophetic. Less than two weeks later, the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt fell in a sudden takeover by the Egyptian military.  So stunning were the events of last week, that GerardDirect has been publishing a series of articles and analyses as the situation continued to unfold. We have been covering the situation from the beginning, so if you have been visiting our website, you have been following it, too. Two of the latest articles and analyses are highlighted below, and there are more at our website here:

Increasingly Savage Violence in Egypt, MB Calls for ‘Intafada’ Against the Government

The growing chaos in Egypt’s cities is rapidly leading Egypt’s population into a civil war between pro-Islamist and opposition groups, each side numbering in the millions. Both sides are taking to the streets in displays of growing hostility and violence. The Muslim Brotherhood, which has always assured the world that its goals are tied to peacefully achieved change, are now showing their true colors: Shariah at any price. And the price will be steep, paid for with the blood of Egyptians. 
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Analysis: As the Current Trend of Violence Escalates, Is Egypt Headed for Civil War?

After many broken promises to eschew power and politics, the Muslim Brotherhood took over the political process in Egypt and created a state rapidly becoming an autocracy under the “one person, one vote, one time” model. The economy got worse by neglect and bad policy; brutality, particularly against women, became officially routine; and freedom of expression virtually disappeared. Now Egyptians have made it clear that newly deposed President Mohammed Morsi’s brand of Islamic governance is not acceptable, and the Egyptian military got the message. (Go directly to the article here.)

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Palestinian Jihadi Group Takes Credit for Arizona Wildfire That Killed 19 Firefighters

The hidden terrorists who populate the dangerous Jihadi groups that exist throughout America and are called "homegrown" seem to believe that anything done “in the name of Allah” is permissible. This is particularly true if it causes harm to the kuffar (non-Muslims). The Palestinian jihadi group, Masada al Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility for the devastating Arizona wildfires, contradicting officials who blamed it on a lightning strike. They took credit for the fire, which they justified by saying it was done “with permission from Allah”. (Go directly to the article here.)

Internet Chatter and Blogs Threaten Violence If Zimmerman is Not Convicted

The press has made a media circus out of the trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, finding Zimmerman guilty from the beginning. Now that a verdict is soon to be forthcoming, there is a growing mountain of internet threats of violent reprisals if the jury, unlike the press, finds Zimmerman not guilty.  The mainstream press has, over the last year, created an atmosphere that takes racial PC to its logical conclusion. If the crime is white-on-black, the white is guilty. Now the fear of the consequences of such sensationalizing are beginning to be felt. Race has become a fallback position in America, even where it is highly inappropriate. (Read more here.)


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