Townhall Daily - July 09 - Thomas Sowell, Byron York, Chuck Norris, Michael Barone, John Ransom and More


Thomas Sowell:
Who Is Racist?

Byron York:
White House Determined to Start Obamacare Money Flow

Chuck Norris:
12 Little-Known Facts About the Declaration of Independence (Part 3)

Michael Barone:
With Dems on Defensive, GOP Has Chance to Recapture Senate

John Ransom:
Our Declaration of Dependence

John Hawkins:
The 15 Most Annoying Things About American Culture


The Constitution is worthless if We the People don’t do everything in our power to enforce it!
That’s why we’re demanding Congress immediately initiate the impeachment process on Barack Obama before things get any worse. Because to be frank, we don’t want to see what “worse” looks like… 



David Limbaugh:
Obamacare: A Law Born and Remaining in Hell

Mona Charen:
Racial Morality Play

Ken Blackwell:
Mr. President: “Talk turkey” to Egypt

Cal Thomas:
Islamists Not Ready For Democracy

Dennis Prager:
Egypt's Coup ... and Ours

Pat Buchanan:
Vital Interests vs. Democratic Ideals


Mike Shedlock:
Civil War Brewing in Egypt?

Ransom Notes Radio:
Ransom Makes Top 10 Hottest Conservative Supermen in Radio via Politichicks.TV

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Good News or Bad News that the White House Delayed the Employer Mandate?

Debra J. Saunders:
Buckle Your Seat Belt and Stop Whining

Night Watch:
Factions in Egypt Turning Against America

Brett Bogus:
The News' Lack of Shock and Awe

Harry R. Jackson, Jr.:
Pain at the Pump

Paul Greenberg:
He's Great Out of the Country

Phyllis Schlafly:
Obama Is Embarrassed by Obamacare

Rich Galen:
Politics is Easy; Governing is Hard

Charles Payne:
A Different Kind of Tapering

Bob Beauprez:
Mexican Police Chief killed with Fast and Furious Weapon

Kyle Olson:
Cost of Complying with Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul? $3.2 BILLION!

Rebecca Hagelin:
Good People Make America Great

Bill Murchison:
The Second Coming of Ann Richards

Michael Brown:
Islam, Violence, and Civil War

Dan Holler:
Partisan Panic and Pandering

Lincoln Brown:
When You Hail Satan, He Arrives

Marvin Olasky:
Staring at Death

Crista Huff:
Stocks in the News: Petrobras Debt Surges

Frank Turek:
Darwin’s Doubt

Donna Wiesner Keene:
Were You Planning on Sleeping Tonight?

Tom Purcell:
An Education in Debt

Daniel Pipes:
Is Netanyahu Turning Left?

Phil Kerpen:
What if Romney Suspended Obamacare?