CEI Today: REINS Act vote, Dodd-Frank court ruling, and EPA stonewalling


Forbes: Congress Confronts 'Laws Gone Wild'

This Thursday, the House of Representatives will get the opportunity to affirm its constitutional lawmaking authority, when it is expected to take up the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, introduced by Rep. Todd Young (R-Indiana). The REINS Act would force a Congressional vote before any agency regulation costing $100 million per year becomes binding. > Read more

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Dodd-Frank Ruling Goes Wrong Way

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon struck down debit card price controls in the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul as not draconian enough. He ruled the 21- to 26-cent fees the Federal Reserve established for banks to charge retailers were too high and implied 7-12 cents would be required under Dodd-Frank's Durbin Amendment.

John Berlau, CEI senior fellow for finance and access to capital, explains why the judge's ruling was flawed and could result in even higher bank and credit union fees for consumers.  > Read more

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Odds That EPA Is Not Destroying Gina McCarthy Text Messages: 1 in 7.9 Sextillion


Documents obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute after it filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency prove Gina McCarthy, EPA’s recently confirmed Administrator, was a frequent user of text messaging on her agency-funded phone while serving as Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation. What makes this discovery something of a statistical miracle is EPA’s insistence that it has no text message records for McCarthy on the 18 dates when McCarthy testified before Congress. > Read more

> See also: Administrator Gina McCarthy’s Orwellian Climate Speech Heralds Humungous EPA Mission Creep

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Workplacechoice Congressional Scorecard

Well, it’s official: We finally have a fully staffed National Labor Relations Board.

For the full score of the NLRB confirmation vote, see our
Congressional Scorecard page here.

In Praise of Banking at Big-Box Stores

The provision in Dodd-Frank that imposed a three-year moratorium on banks affiliated with nonfinancial businesses expired this week. > Read more