CEI Today: Gov't surveillance in immigration bill, pesticides and honeybees, and municipal gov't crisis

Friday, August 9, 2013
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Openmarket.org: Senate Immigration Bill Authorizes E-Verify as Surveillance Tracking

The Senate immigration bill (S. 744) is immense, so most Americans (and, more importantly, journalists) can be forgiven for missing the part that authorizes the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to use the bill’s mandatory employment verification system (E-Verify) as a surveillance system for workers. > Read more

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Openmarket.org: Perspectives on Honeybees and Pesticides

If you believe the headlines, honeybees may soon be endangered, pesticides are to blame, and regulations offer an easy solution. Yet headlines belie the truth of the matter: Some honeybees have left their hives to never return, but we really don’t know why.


If we really want to help the honeybees and ensure continued food production, we need to focus on finding out what’s really happening, rather than playing the blame game, banning products, and crossing our fingers that these policies will help. In fact, bans on some products could harm honeybees if the replacements prove less safe.  > Read more

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Newsmax TV: CEI Senior Fellow Matt Patterson: Fiscal Crisis Represents 'Collapse' of Government Leadership


The fiscal crisis that has hit all levels of the U.S. government represents a failure of political leadership, said Matt Patterson, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Patterson, a labor policy specialist, focused on the municipal financial crisis in his interview. The numbers he has seen point to an unfunded pension liability between $2.5 trillion and $4 trillion or even larger for state and local governments.

It's important to realize that "the main driver of these pensions and health benefits that are dragging these cities down is public sector unions," he said. 
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Workplacechoice Congressional Scorecard

Well, it’s official: We finally have a fully staffed National Labor Relations Board.

For the full score of the NLRB confirmation vote, see our
Congressional Scorecard page here.





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100 People to Watch This Fall



Christopher Horner, CEI Senior Fellow


Horner, an attorney, conservative analyst and activist and political bomb-thrower, has drawn attention for recent lawsuits seeking more transparency from the EPA. > Read more