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In the spirit of carrying coals to Newcastle, I write a newspaper column today on the importance of newspapers to the public square. More specifically, I fear the effect on public policy and the public debate of the continuing decline of newspapers. For all the bluff and bluster so many of us have about new media and technology, the skeletal underpinning of almost all news today is news gathering that comes from the old fashioned, grandfatherly, dead tree, black and white broadsheets we love to ridicule... Click here to keep reading.


Unemployment Drops to 7.4% in July

But for all the wrong reasons

Digging into the data however, what once may have been a mediocre report quickly turns gloomy. The drop in unemployment was not the result of people getting jobs; rather, they gave up looking for work and left the workforce entirely. The number of unemployed decreased by 263,000 while the number of those no longer in the labor force increased by 240,000... Click here to keep reading

And Why the Tax Cap is not to Blame

Is the tax cap really to blame for the downgrade? The key to the rating downgrade is the size of the city’s reserve fund, which dropped below 20% of revenues due to the recession and the sluggish recovery’s impact on tax collections. While a tax cap canlimit the ability of the city to rebuild those reserves, the real culprit is the Recreation Fund... Click here to keep reading.


3.9 Million Transactions and Counting


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