AFP - The Party in the Park!

You already know that we’re going have great speakers at this year’s Defending the American Dream Summit, like Governors Rick Scott and Bobby Jindal and Senators Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and Marco Rubio. This year though we’ve reserved a whole section of Universal Studios to ourselves the first night of the convention!  I love the thrill, the excitement and a little bit of the terror of the roller coasters!  We’ll have three of the best rides in the park-- for hours-- just for us.  


This Party in the Park will be Friday night, August 30th, right after an electrifying speech by Michelle Malkin (don’t forget to sign up here for your last chance to come to Michelle’s exclusive meet-and-greet).  It’s just the beginning to a weekend of brilliant panelists, explosive speeches and world class entertainment.


I can hardly wait! Great conservatives, great company, great food and now great roller coasters. What could be better?  Sign up to come today!


“The Hulk,” one of the roller coasters set aside for exclusive use by attendees of Defending the American Dream Summit


And don’t worry, if you don’t enjoy roller coasters, you can still hear from Michelle and then enjoy the culinary delights of Orlando and the phenomenal resort where the conference will be held.  The Loews Royal Pacific Resort even has its own lagoon and beach! So bring the kids, the family, or just yourself because there will be something to do every waking minute of the day.


Sign up now, with a group of three or more and enjoy a $10.00 discount per ticket. 


Can’t wait to see you there!


Jillian Weleski

Americans for Prosperity Foundation