NHDP Statement on Bragdon Taking LGC Job

Concord – New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement on Senate President Peter Bragdon’s announcement that he accepted a job as the executive director of the LGC (Local Government Center).

“Bragdon's irresponsible decision to accept this position raises serious long-term questions about his ethical judgement. It is a blatant conflict of interest.  How does Senator Bragdon plan to continue as Senate President while taking a job that raises so many serious concerns?  Almost every single issue and or piece of legislation that comes before the State Senate impacts the LGC or its sister organization the Municipal Association. 


"As Senate President, Bragdon decides what committees bills are assigned to, what Senators serve on those committees, who the chairs are, what staff they have access to, and when bills are given a vote on the floor of the Senate.  But as the head of the LGC, Bragdon will be receiving financial compensation for directing a team of paid and registered state lobbyists seeking to influence that very same legislation and those very senators.  Will he recuse himself from all of those decisions?  Many of communities across the state are involved in lawsuits against the LGC.  How can Bragdon assure citizens of those towns that any future cuts to their schools, pensions, other funding is not retribution against them?"