Franklin Center - Everyone's talking about GreenTech

Everyone's talking about GreenTech! 

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This week, things continued to get rougher and rougher for Terry McAuliffe, former chairman of the electric car company GreenTech Automotive.

First, Car and Driver magazine said that it doesn't like what it sees under the hood at GreenTech, numbering the electric car ventures among those that are “either dead or barely standing, fettered with poor management, little cash and exaggerated promises.”

Click here to read more from Car and Driver's report

THEN just a day later, leaning on's reporting, The New York Times ran an lengthy investigation of their own exposing how McAuliffe tried to leverage political connections during his time at GreenTech.

Read the Times' full GreenTech story here! 

August Recess 2013: There's no place like home!

It's time to meet with your representatives! Congress has a month away from Washington to spend time in their home states. Hopefully they're taking time to meet with some of the voters who elected them in the first place!

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Oh SNAP! Food stamp waste, fraud and abuse

You won't believe all the millions of dollars the government misspends on Food Stamps!

Check out's reports on SNAP benefits misuse from all over the country: Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Florida, KansasColorado, and Minnesota