NHDP - Are GOP Senators Waiting for Secret Republican Strategy Session to Comment on BragdonGate?

Concord – Despite widespread and bipartisan condemnation of embattled Senate President Bragdon's ethically questionable plan to take a job as the head of the LGC, his fellow Senate Republicans have remained utterly silent and are actively dodging media requests.  “State GOP officials and leading Republican senators also have not made any public statements about Bragdon’s hiring or responded to media requests,” the Nashua Telegraph reported this morning. [Nashua Telegraph, 8/15/2013]
“How much worse does this story have to get before Majority Leader Jeb Bradley and Senate Republicans stop hiding and speak out against this unethical power grab by their Republican colleague?" asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “Are Republicans complicit in Bragdon’s shady scheme to serve as both Senate President and Executive Director of the LGC and its inherent conflicts of interest? Or are they too afraid of Senate President Bragdon and his team of LGC lobbyists to condemn this ethically questionable scam for what it is?”

According to the Telegraph's report, "Bragdon has begun making arrangements for a private meeting with his Senate GOP leadership team early next week." [Nashua Telegraph, 8/15/2013]
“It is extremely disturbing that Senate Republicans would wait for a secret meeting or strategy session to speak to the people they are supposed to represent about Bragdon's ethically questionable and publicly funded new $180,000 a year job, and the inherent conflicts of interest it brings," said Kirstein. "What explanation is Bragdon going to share with his GOP pals that he doesn't want to share with the public?"

Three of Bragdon’s former Republican colleagues have called on him to resign, stating that it is impossible for him to serve in both roles at the same time.  Former Republican Senator Ray White said his “head exploded upon hearing the news, adding “it sure doesn’t feel right.” Former Republican Majority Leader Bob Clegg said, “I think he should take the job and resign the seat.”  And Republican Manchester Mayor added that Bragdon holding both jobs “was a conflict, because certainly they are lobbyists (and) they are always in and out of that office talking to the Senate President.”
Two of the state’s largest newspaper’s have echoed condemnation of Bragdon’s ethically questionable scheme in editorials this morning. “‘No man can serve two masters,’ the Good Book says. Bragdon should either give up his new job or the Senate presidency,” wrote the Concord Monitor while calling for Bragdon to pick either the Senate Presidency or the LGC job. [Concord Monitor, 8/15/2013] The Portsmouth Herald called it “a deal worthy of the best smoke-filled back room in Chicago.” [Portsmouth Herald, 8/15/2013]
“Senate Republicans across the state owe the people of NewHampshire an explanation.  They can’t hide forever and  voters will hold them responsible for their complicit silence,” added Kirstein.