NHDP - ICYMI - GOP Mayor Gatsas: "Impossible" for Bragdon to Keep Both Jobs

Today, on WGIR and Newsradio 96-7 New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath, Republican Mayor and former Senate President Ted Gatsas said it was "impossible" for Peter Bragdon to remain as both Senate President and Executive Director of the LGC.  Gatsas continued saying he "would certainly be looking for him to make a decsion" versus staying on as Senate President with the new job. 
Audio from the interview can be heard here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjpLHSKm6bw&feature=youtu.be and a transcript of the interview is included below. 

Heath: The Local Government Center known as the LGC and Senate president peter Bragdon, this story is sort of still evolving we had a lot of in depth  conversation about this yesterday on my show, were going to be hearing from the head of the Bureau of Securities Regulation about the hiring process because they oversee it but aside from all that, I want you’re your opinion your view on this, as a former senator, I don’t really fault I guess Peter Bragdon for taking a good paying job but should he remain on as senate president could there be conflict of interest, will he have to recuse himself more often then not, is that good judgment, your thoughts weighing on this.
Gatsas: you know Jack, the institution of the Senate is at a level that I can tell you that when I used to go up there everyday, it’s a different situation, as the Senate President everybody comes in to lobby you, there’s no question. There’s an awful lot of power in that office, Probably I would say to you.
Heath: perhaps more then the Governor?
Gatsas: I would say to you its pretty close, because you have the ability to place legislation where you want to place it
Heath: Or kill it.
Gatsas: or talk to your chairman of that committee that uh, what you’d want seen done with it.  People can sit there and want to say that that doesn’t happen , it happens. And I think that it’s too bad that you know to think that we, and again, its not an easy job. You know to be a Senator, be up there, be the senate president,  cause you’re putting in an awful lot of time.
Heath: For a few hundred bucks a year. All that time because you’re basically running, probably the most powerful part of state government, but its basically a volunteer job, I mean come on.
Gatsas: If you take a look at to some of the decisions that are made and how people say its not going to influence what’s happening at the LGA, I don’t know how that can happen.
Heath: So your thoughts, should he if he keeps the LGC job, should he stay as Senate President?
Gatsas: I think that’s very difficult position to be in, very very difficult.
Heath: To do both?
Gatsas: To do both, impossible.
Heath: So your view if you’re a colleague, probably make a decision?
Gatsas: I would certainly be looking for him to make a decision.
Heath: Versus stay on  as senate president. The other thing that I’m a little bit in the dark on, mayor Ted Gatsas joining us on NH today…