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Holding Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Shea-Porter, and Rep. Kuster accountable for not holding Town Hall meetings on Obamacare

This week, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire and Cornerstone Action joined together to hold Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Shea-Porter, and Rep. Kuster accountable for avoiding their constituents on the issue of Obamacare during their "August Recess" from Washington D.C.  We held protests at both Sen. Shaheen and Rep Kuster's Nashua offices and one at Rep. Shea-Porter's Manchester office. A big thank you to all of our volunteers who came out to take a stand. You can read more about our protest in the Nashua Telegraph by clicking here, and read the original press release from Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire and Cornerstone Action from last week by clicking here

 Contact Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Kuster, and Rep. Shea-Porter's office

While we continue to keep the pressure on these three elected officials for avoiding Granite Staters during their "August Recess," we need your help. Please consider calling Sen. Shaheen, Rep Shea-Porter and Rep. Kuster's offices and tell them to hold Town Hall meetings where you can discuss their support for Obamacare and ask them why they continue to ignore the majority of their constituents who, in poll after poll, are shown to be in opposition to it.

You can reach each office at the following phone phone numbers:

Sen. Shaheen's Office: 603-883-0196

Rep. Shea-Porter's Office: 603-641-9536

Rep. Kuster's Office: 603-226-1002

In addition to contacting their offices, we also encourage you to write letters to the editor of your local newspapers to tell others to contact Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Shea-Porter and Rep. Kuster regarding their refusal to hold public forums to listen to their constituents on Obamacare.

For help with submitting letters to the editor, please email


Help us keep up the fight and spread the word!  
In order to keep up the fight against our representatives who are hiding from Granite Staters on Obamacare, we need your help.   

Please consider contributing $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,600, or whatever you can give to ensure we have the funds necessary to keep up the fight! 


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