Andy Martin - Jennifer Horn censors U.S. Senate candidate Andy Martin

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says State GOP Chair Jennifer Horn orchestrated a scheme to censor his candidacy at a GOP dinner in Nashua Friday night


Andy promises to begin a radio campaign to remove Horn as state chairman if her harassment continues


(MANCHESTER, NH) (August 17, 2013) U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says he was censored at a Nashua Republican dinner Friday night. Andy accuses state chair Jennifer Horn of using her position as chairman to wage a retaliatory vendetta against him.


“The New Hampshire GOP is in full ‘here we go again’ mode,” Andy says. “They showcased two ‘explorer’ candidates and censored my campaign. One ‘explorer candidate’ proposed abolishing Head Start and also by inference criticized efforts to end sexual harassment and violence in the military. The other ‘senate explorer’ made an issue of Jeanne Shaheen’s actions as governor over a decade ago. This is my opposition in the U. S. Senate primary.


“Jennifer Horn realizes I am by far the most experienced and qualified candidate, and she apparently is retaliating against me by using local leaders to censor my campaign. The state GOP has a longstanding policy of neutrality in primaries and that policy carries over to local committees.


“I am an experienced political reformer and corruption fighter. In 2011 when Jennifer Horn went on the radio and defended Barack Obama and criticized me for exposing Obama, I ran radio ads that led to the removal of the state GOP chairman. Where I am involved, Jennifer Horn has a history of supporting Democrats. She supported Obama!


“I have sent Ms. Horn a letter which is self-explanatory and which is reproduced in full below. I have previously offered to meet with Ms. Horn to resolve our differences (letter below). Ms. Horn’s behavior seeking to marginalize and embarrass my Senate campaign is unacceptable. If Ms. Horn feels it is important to oppose my candidacy she is free to do so as a private citizen. She is not free to use her role as state chairman to corrupt the primary and to favor candidates who are sure-fire losers that will lead to Jeanne Shaheen’s reelection.


“If Horn can’t control her behavior and conform to fair play, she will have to be removed as state chairman,” Andy says. “I have not provoked Ms. Horn. She is provoking me, and by her own provocative behavior mandating her removal as state party leader. The same applies to any local party leader that endorses censorship as a policy for state Republicans. It is contradictory that Horn & Co. campaign for ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty,’ and then try to censor legitimate candidates.”




August 17, 2013


Ms. Jennifer Horn

New Hampshire GOP

10 Water Street

Concord, NH 03301

Certified Mail - RRR


Dear Ms. Horn:


When I purchased two tickets for the Allen West dinner Friday night in Nashua I did not expect to engage in personal campaigning or speechifying. I was there to honor Colonel West.


I was surprised when the local Nashua chairman, who was sitting at your table, started calling on candidates to speak. He called on two “explorer” candidates for the U. S. Senate to speak and ignored my candidacy. As state chairman you are expected to respect the rights of all candidates, and to ensure a level playing field. It is a long tradition in New Hampshire that neither the state committee nor its officers prefer or favor candidates in contested primaries.


I am the only formally announced and legally qualified U. S. Senate candidate at the Federal Election Commission and Senate records office.


In May I sent you a letter offering to put aside our past differences (copy enclosed).


Both you and the Nashua chairman were aware I was at the dinner and both elected to disrespect me by not affording me the same opportunity to speak as the “explorer” candidates for the same office.


I did not get up to demand a right to speak because I suspected you may have wanted to provoke a scene. I did not want to disrupt the event and embarrass our guest Colonel West.


The two U. S. Senate “explorer” speeches that were given were a disgrace. One candidate proposed to abolish Head Start (outreach to minorities?) and inferentially criticized efforts to end sexual abuse in the military (the GOP “war on women?”). The other candidate was living in the past and attacked Jeanne Shaheen for her actions as governor a decade ago. You were showcasing candidates that are a joke, while simultaneously censoring my campaign.


My credentials are far superior to those of any “exploring” candidate. I have both the national and foreign policy experience, and the media background to wage a credible campaign against Jeanne Shaheen. I will not “appeal to the base” with crackpot proposals that only embarrass the Republican Party.


New Hampshire voters are educated and intelligent and have consistently rejected extremist candidates offered by the state GOP. I hope you are not trying to get back at me by supporting sure losers and trying to reelect Jeanne Shaheen out of spite.


You are aware I ran radio advertising against you in 2011 when you defended Barack Obama on the radio and attacked me for writing a book exposing Obama. Your behavior was weird. As a result of my advertising criticizing your conduct the state chairman was eventually removed.


I am planning to record radio ads during the week of September 9th. My original plan was to focus on Jeanne Shaheen. But if I do not receive a public apology for the Nashua abuse, and a promise that every level of the GOP will adhere to a candidate nondiscrimination policy, I am inclined to focus my campaign advertising on removing you as state chairman. If you are trying to rig a primary for national office you have no business leading the party. You are free to oppose my candidacy as a private citizen but you are not free to sabotage me in your role as state chairman. You have to choose which it will be, or I will make the choice for you.


Respectfully submitted,


Andy Martin