NHDP Statement on Republican Senate President Stepping Down

Concord – New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein issued the following statement on Senate President Bragdon’s decision to resign as Senate President.  Bragdon had received harsh criticism for his reckless, irresponsible and ethically questionable decision to take the LGC job.  Calls for his resignation came from across the state and both sides of the political aisle.

"We are pleased he has finally taken this first initial step but many serious questions remain about the process of Bragdon's hiring, decisions he made while Senate President relating to the LGC, and how as a State Senator he will be directing registered lobbyists while legally barred from being one himself.

“There still are many inherent conflicts of interests in the LGC hiring Bragdon, who as a sitting senator is being paid $180,000 a year for a job controlling a publicly funded body that frequently lobbies state lawmakers.   Bragdon will still vote on the Secretary of State, will still be negotiating with the Bureau of Securities on behalf of the LGC, and his employers still sit on the Board of the Municipal Association. He still owes the people of New Hampshire a detailed and honest explanation immediately.

“Most disappointing is that Bragdon’s decision to resign came only after he had met secretly with top Senate Republicans.  How can voters trust that the new Senate President will not be a puppet of Bragdon and the LGC when he is already telling newspapers he has "an idea of who" his replacement should be?  Given this secretive scheming will Bragdon recuse himself from voting for next Senate President?”