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Yesterday, we learn this: NSA broke privacy rules 'thousands of times each year,' report says. At the same time, the chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court admitted that the judges who are supposed to be protecting our rights really have no way to do so.


2,776 incidents of "unauthorized collection, storage, access to or distribution of legally protected communications" were reported by the NSA’s own auditors.  I think it is safe to assume that the abuses are far more extensive than that.


We have to push back. Go to Stand Up 4 the 4th today and help.


Congress will be returning from its summer vacation in three short weeks.  When they do, it is critical that they know America is fed up with the government’s trampling of our 4th Amendment protections from “unreasonable searches and seizures”.  They need to know that, instead protecting us, the Patriot Act has itself become a weapon that is being used to attack our rights. And most important, Congress needs to understand that our 4th Amendment protections MUST be restored.


Our America has launched an initiative to Stand Up 4 the 4th.  We plan to reach out to millions of Americans and urge them to let Congress know that we are watching, and that we demand action.  Internet videos, email campaigns, media appearances, grassroots action -- We must do it all.  And I need your help.  Please go to Stand Up 4 the 4th today and contribute what you can to help make us heard in ways that Congress cannot ignore.  


As Americans learn more and more every day about what the government is doing to spy on us, the outrage grows.  Our job is to turn that outrage into action -- and results.  We have the best opportunity in years to stop these attacks on our rights and freedom.  But we can’t do it without the help of thousands such as yourself.


When Congress goes back to Washington in three weeks, let’s make sure they have their marching orders: Get NSA under control and restore our basic rights.


The time is NOW.  Let’s do it.


Thank you!


Gov. Gary Johnson

Honorary Chairman


P.S.  $50,000 over the next three weeks will fund what we need to do before Congress goes back to work.  If you can help, go to Stand Up 4 the 4th.