- White House gives Planned Parenthood money for Obamacare outreach

Did EPA first push idea to pre-emptively kill Alaska mine project?
The EPA claims it has done nothing but assess a proposed copper and gold mine in Alaska, but a recent profile of an EPA ecologist who worked for the EPA in Anchorage shows there could be an underlying agenda at work.

Center advocating for higher wages sued for failing to pay employees
A workers’ center dedicated to raising the minimum wage was sued by its own employees for failing to pay them! Now that’s what you call ironic.

White House trolls conservatives, gives Planned Parenthood money for Obamacare outreach
Health and Human Services announced this week that three Planned Parenthood affiliates will help people sign up for Obamacare when it goes live. It’s like the White House just said, “Take that conservatives!”

Feds loosen oversight as McAuliffe car company makes mysterious management change
Is he clueless or compromised? Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas can’t even give a ballpark number of how many companies his office has approved for the EB-5 foreign investor “cash-for-visas” program.

Durbin the journalist? Says ALEC inquisition about transparency
Senator Dick Durbin said not just anyone on Twitter can be a journalist, yet he claims he’s trying to bring taxpayers some “sunlight” and “transparency” of his own.

Election watchdog hands Florida officials 173 alleged cases of voter fraud
These cases are only alleged, but each one could involve many illegal votes.

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