ALG's Daily Grind - Texas' job miracle

August 19, 2013

Texas' job miracle

Since June 2008, Texas has added 889,685 jobs, including 303,000 in the past year alone, more than any other single state, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Who will protect the fleeced?

Our nation thrives when people are rewarded based upon creating products that consumers want, risking to bring those to market and beating others in the marketplace.  We stumble when government information trading or manipulation becomes more important to the bottom line than actually creating anything. 

President Obama as Holden Caulfield

Obama's team is too busy acting like an army of Holden Caulfields lashing out at an establishment full of hypocrites, except they, like the protagonist of the classic "The Catcher in the Rye," are unreliable given what's now known.

Snider: There's a very real, and growing, dollar funding problem

"The dollar problem finally broke into the sunlight with June's TIC data. Where $92 billion in US securities were sold in October and November 2008 combined, foreign investors sold $77.8 billion in June 2013 alone. It was the largest dollar outflow for a single month in the series going back to 1978."