NHDP - What happens in…

Dear Friend,

What happens in Manchester doesn’t stay in Manchester. 
With more than 10% of New Hampshire’s public school students enrolled in Manchester schools, the quality of Manchester’s school system affects all of the state. 

As the economic, transportation and entertainment hub of the state, Manchester’s vibrancy affects all of New Hampshire. 

What happens in Manchester affects all of New Hampshire!

Before Republican Mayors Guinta and Gatsas -- Manchester was on the move with unprecedented improvements to our schools, a revitalized downtown and a city looking forward to a better future. But Guinta and Gatsas stopped that progress in its tracks.  After the false promise of better schools, lower crime and lower taxes Guinta and Gatsas have created a record of failure.

Manchester deserves better, New Hampshire depends on better.

This November the voters of Manchester will have a clear choice between Republican Ted Gatsas and Democrat Patrick Arnold.

Patrick Arnold is a young leader committed to bringing people together to solve the challenges facing Manchester’s families.  As one of the youngest aldermen ever elected Patrick has brought a new perspective to City Hall. Patrick has been a consistent, thoughtful voice of reason in City Hall.

 I have no doubt that Patrick’s election will inspire a new generation of leaders to lend their talents to make the promise of Manchester a reality. If Patrick has the resources for an effective get out the vote operation he can win and make it happen!

Your donation of $35 today will provide Patrick with the support he needs to get Manchester back on track.  It will be an investment in a better Manchester and a better New Hampshire.

Please click here to make a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford today. If we all stand with Patrick, he can be the next mayor. Please join me in supporting Patrick’s campaign to bring new leadership to Manchester’s City Hall.

Many thanks;
Raymond Buckley

P.S. You can learn more about Patrick Arnold and his campaign by visiting his website at www.arnoldformayor.com or by contacting his team at info@arnoldformayor.com.