Andy Martin - NH: Greek-Americans unite to create committee for US aid to Greece



New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says aid to Greece should be on the 2014 U.S. election agenda


Andy is circulating a letter seeking the support of Greek-Americans to “put the issue of [aid to] Greece on the 2014 election agenda”


Andy criticizes IllinoisU. S. Senator Mark Kirk for making a laughingstock of Greece when Kirk represents America’s largest Greek-America community


Andy compares the lack of concern for aid to Greece with the U. S. Senate’s obsession with aid to Egypt


Andy says U. S. foreign policy has ignored the plight of Greece and Cyprus, and especially Greeks and Cypriots


A new generation of the “Greek Lobby” speaks out


(ORLANDO, FL) (August 21, 2013) New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a news conference in Tarpon Springs, Pinellas County, Florida today, August 21st to announce the formation of the Committee for the Preservation of Greece.


“America is preoccupied with the question of ‘aid to Egypt,’” Andy says. “Greece is forgotten. Senator Mark Kirk, who represents America’s largest concentration of Greek-Americans, ridiculed Greece in his last campaign and uses Greece as the butt of jokes. He is not alone.


“Greek-Americans are tired of seeing their patrimony mocked by U. S. politicians.


“Greek society is buckling under the strain of German economic coercion. The economies of Greece and Cyprus, which are closely linked, have been devastated by the European Union’s financial crisis.


“While Turkey, an important US ally and NATO partner, is slowly slipping under the veil of extremist Islam, Greece and Cyprus remain loyal partners with America. But, sadly, these nations have been treated as step-children by U. S. foreign policy. Increasingly, German decision-making establishes marching orders in the Mediterranean. The U. S. is ‘leading from behind’ while Greeks and Cypriots face increasing economic devastation due to the actions of nations beyond their control.


“I think a remembrance of Greece’s crucial role and unquestioned loyalty to the United States through the decades, through wars hot and cold, and through the current unsettled situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, deserves more than crude jokes by Mark Kirk and ridicule by some of Kirk’s fellow-travelers.


“Democrats, Republicans and independents should be united in supporting efforts to aid the Greek economy and ordinary Greeks and Cypriots. There is a general consensus that aid to Greece was botched, and that Greeks and Cypriots have been victimized (please see Group Link #1 below).


“Existing aid-to-Greece efforts have focused on tangible goods; we need to make the issue of America’s loyalty to Greece an important US election issue in 2014. The Committee for the Preservation of Greece is both nonpartisan and partisan. We are nonpartisan politically, seeking to energize candidates in both parties. But we are completely partisan on behalf of the Greek and Cypriot peoples.


“The Committee is focused on reawakening the U.S. Government’s awareness of Greece’s and Cyprus’ increasingly crucial roles in the Eastern Mediterranean. We will put the issue of Greece/Cyprus on the 2014 election agenda.”


Andy’s grandparents emigrated from Thessaly (Tsaritsani) in Greece to Manchester, New Hampshire 100 years ago. Andy’s mother was born in Manchester. Andy’s uncle, William Vasiliou, was the first Supreme President of the Sons of Pericles, an AHEPA auxiliary that was founded in Manchester in 1926 (please see Group Link #2 below).


August 21st Tarpon Springs News Conference Details:




Greek-American political leader and New Hampshire U.S. Senate candidate Andy Martin




Andy Martin forms Committee for the Preservation of Greece to place Greece on the 2014 election agenda




Sidewalk in front of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral,  36 N. Pinellas Avenue, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689




Wednesday, August 21, 2013; 2:00 P.M.


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