CEI Today: FCC v pressure groups, Obama nudge squad, and the stalled airline merger

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
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Daily Caller: Today it’s ‘nudge squads,’ tomorrow it’s enforcement

It’s not yet true that the White House can force you to eat and drink only what it considers “good” for you. But as Fox News revealed in July, it has moved a step closer in creating a “nudge squad,” or as it is officially known, a behavioral insights team.

Only, evidence shows government nudging does not affect consumer behavior and often has negative unintended consequences.
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Openmarket.org: Before Net Neutrality Eats the World (Part 2): An Alternative Case for Agency Neutrality

Instead of compulsory net neutrality, let’s mandate agency neutrality. The FCC should turn a deaf ear to politically driven business and pressure-group demands for special treatment for any sector of the communications industry.  > Read more

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WRVA: Why Sue to Stop the US Airways-American Merger?

Marc Scribner and Jimmy Barrett discuss what's wrong with the Department of Justice blocking a merger between US Airways and American Airlines.
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> See also: Labor Unions Blast Obama’s American Airlines-US Airways Merger Lawsuit

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