CEI Today: Labor unions v Obama DOJ, debit card fees, Windsorgate news, and Germany legalizes Bitcoin

Thursday, August 22, 2013
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Openmarket.org: Labor Unions Blast Obama’s American Airlines-US Airways Merger Lawsuit

Last Tuesday, the Department of Justice and six state attorneys general filed suit to block the planned merger of American Airlines and US Airways.  One of the more interesting aspects of this case is who is not supporting the Obama administration: organized labor. > Read more

> Interview Marc Scribner



Openmarket.org: Price Controls Should be Looser and Eventually Repealed

The Federal Reserve is reportedly appealing Judge Leon's ruling to make the Durbin Amendment debit card price controls from Dodd-Frank more draconian. CEI's John Berlau explains why that's a terrible move. > Read more

> Interview John Berlau


Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Has Hired a Lawyer ‘Because She Needs One’

Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has hired an attorney to represent her in a congressional investigation into her use of private and secret email addresses to conduct agency business, according to media reports. Jackson resigned Dec. 27 after Christopher C. Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, revealed she had used the name ‘Richard Windsor’ in email correspondence to avoid having her emails subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. > Read more

> See also: Windsorgate timeline

> Interview Chris Horner


Openmarket.org: Germany Legalizes Bitcoin: Competing Currencies Are Here!

While Thailand may have banned Bitcoin, the electronic currency — although some are not so sure — the economic powerhouse of Germany has just made it legal tender.

We are glad that Germany has decided to follow the advice of Hayek and Tamm. Given that so many Germans were reluctant to give up the Deutschmark in favor of the Euro, it will be interesting to see how many individuals and businesses start using it as their “unit of account.”
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> Interview Iain Murray






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Praying for Growth at the GDP Altar

The Perils of Confusing GDP Growth Figures with the Real Economy

CEI's 2012-2013 Warren Brookes journalism fellow, Matthew Melchiorre, critiques a report by economists that claims fiscal stimulus in 1930s America accounted for faster recovery relative to Greece today.

Workplacechoice Congressional Scorecard

For the full score of the NLRB confirmation vote, see our Congressional Scorecard.