Townhall Daily - August 22 - Ann Coulter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, John Ransom, Victor Davis Hanson, Larry Elder and More


Ann Coulter:
Arab Spring: Worst Soap Ever

Jackie Gingrich Cushman:
Start of Something New

John Ransom:
Ezra Klein is an Idiot: Obama is the Jobs Problem

Victor Davis Hanson:
Two Americas

Larry Elder:
The Day Dad Received the Congressional Gold Medal

Mike Adams:
Inclusion Means Excluding White Males


Why you should look at "Line Item 12" of Michelle Obama’s tax returns
Look at the astonishing numbers Michelle is posting to her tax returns. She's taking in more per month, on average, than most Americans make in a year.
What's more, this lucrative income stream is sponsored by a completely PRIVATE source.
Where is all this money coming from? Click here to see.


Michael Schaus:
Only in California: State Taxes the Tax Break They Gave Years Ago

Todd Starnes:
Duck Dynasty Star Condemns ‘Ripping Babies Out of Womb’

Ken Blackwell:
With Online Gambling Fight, Congress Must Regain Constitutional Powers

Cal Thomas:
Final Warnings About Obamacare

Ransom Notes Radio:
Living Large on Welfare

Mike Shedlock:
Troubled Currencies - And There are Lots of Them


Daniel J. Mitchell:
Least. Surprising. Headline. Ever.

Ben Shapiro:
President Obama's Arab Spring Nightmare

Night Watch:
America Has Been Fighting the Wrong Fights Against Terrorism

Rich Galen:
It's August. Jack.

Charles Payne:
Rosie the Riveter vs. Rosie the Robot

Steve Chapman:
The Vanishing Case for U.S. Aid to Egypt

Emmett Tyrrell:
Iraq, the Perfect Ingrate

Kyle Olson:
Media Matters Calls Common Core ‘An Obama Administration Education Initiative’

Jack Kerwick:
Who Are the Real Conservatives II

Crista Huff:
Stocks in the News: UPS Ditches Spouses From Insurance in Wake of Obamacare

Jerry Newcombe:
The Scapegoating of Christians in Egypt

Bob Goldman:
Happier Than Thou

Marita Noon:
Keystone XL: not just a pipeline, a life-line

Bill Tatro:
Housing Bubble — the Sequel

Bob Goldman:
Happier Than Thou