NHDP - Forrester Owes People of NH an Explanation for Involvement in BragdonGate

Concord – Files obtained from the Local Government Center through a New Hampshire Democratic Party Right-to-Know request reveal Senator Jeanie Forrester was intimately involved in Senate President Bragdon’s growing LGC scandal.  Bragdon was forced to announce plans to resign the Senate Presidency last week after accepting the top job with the LGC due to inherent conflicts of interest.  Earlier this week, Bragdon admitted that he was in midst of interviewing for the LGC job, when he appointed Jeanie Forrester to an LGC regulatory study committee – a clear breach of the New Hampshire General Court’sEthics Guidelines. 
"Now that Jeanie Forrester is neck deep in Peter Bragdon's scandal, how many more Republicans will be dragged in before we get to the bottom of this scheme?”  asked New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  “No wonder she was silent about the massive and inherent conflicts of interest in Bragdon's new LGC job.  She knew about it nearly a month in advance and said nothing."   
Emails released by the LGC reveal that not only did Bragdon speak to Forrester while he was applying for the LGC job and days before he would appoint her to the regulatory study committee, but she actually thought the Senate President taking a job as the head of the LGC was a 'positive' idea.  On July 16th, Bragdon emailed the LGC writing, “I happened to be on the phone with Sen. Forrester a few minutes ago, and given her background … I thought I’d mention the conversation you and I had.  Her reaction could not have been more positive to the idea.”
But just a few days ago when asked about Bragdon taking the LGC job she claimed to not have been “aware that Bragdon had taken an interest in the job with the LGC when he appointed her to the study committee.”  [Laconia Daily Sun, 8/20/2013]  Forrester wasn’t appointed to the LGC regulatory study committee until July 19th, three days after her conversation with Bragdon.
"Forrester and Bragdon owe the people of New Hampshire a full explanation – and this time an honest one - of all their recent conversations about the LGC,” continued Kirstein.  “What did Forrester and Bragdon discuss on July 16th?  Did she promise to use her relationships with LGC to help him secure the $180,000 a year job in exchange for appointment on the committee?  The more we learn about Bragdon, Forrester and the LGC the more concerns are raised and the more serious those concerns become.”