AFPNH - Last Chance to say NO to ObamaCare?!

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to come out to our Wrong for New Hampshire rallies across the state against ObamaCare.

As we prepare to wrap up our rallies this weekend in Hollis, I wanted to make you aware of what may be your last chance to say NO to ObamaCare.

Next Tuesday, there will be a public hearing on the possible ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. The hearing will take place from 1-4PM in Representatives Hall at the Statehouse

I encourage you to attend and speak up against ObamaCare’s encroachment into our state through Medicaid expansion.

We all know that Medicaid expansion, just like the ObamaCare law itself, will lead to higher private health insurance costs and lesser quality care for Medicaid recipients. Neither of which are right for New Hampshire or our residents!

If you believe that Medicaid expansion is Wrong for New Hampshire, I hope you will attend the public hearing next Tuesday from 1-4PM in Representatives Hall at the Statehouse to make sure your voice is heard!

Live Free or Die!


Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity – New Hampshire


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P.P.S. Our sister organization Americans for Prosperity Foundation is putting on a must-see event over Labor-Day weekend in Orlando.  The Defending the American Dream Summit and RightOnline conference have an All-star speaker’s lineup of great free- market conservatives like Michelle Malkin, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Senator Ted Cruz, Greg Gutfeld and many more. I hope you’ll join us!  You can get tickets here.